recognizes the programming effort as the critical first step in gaining an understanding of the project needs and goals. We will work directly with the client and appropriate representatives to accomplish the following:

  • Analyze building functions and required interspatial relationships. Ensure that sufficient and essential data are obtained for the needs of the project.
  • Integrate special requirements as may be identified by the client
  • Evaluate site location and character
  • Set financial parameters and limitations of the project
  • Time schedule
  • Code analysis and review of Zoning requirements
  • Access technical parameters; energy conservation, sustainability, life cycle costs, maintenance and operating costs

The architectural/consultant fee structure will be established early in the process. Our fees are based upon a carefully defined, mutually agreeable scope of work and are competitive with fee ranges for complete high quality services. It is our philosophy that we represent the best interests of the client by providing documents that are complete, clear, and which will lead to competitive pricing and minimizes the time spent to interpret and work from them.

Schematic Design / Public Processing The process continues with our firm and the client working together with local officials to establish a design concept based on careful programming. We take the clients ideas and goals and use our expertise to create a project that is functional, aesthetic, construction and life cycle cost effective, and beneficial to the community. Each project is individual and reflects that specific clients needs and aspirations. We have a good working relationship with our local officials and understand their short and long-term goals. Some projects may require to be passed through city staff, the Planning and Zoning Board, and City Council. The public processing would begin at this time.

Design Development Once the owner is satisfied that the program requirements are being met, we bring on board the rest of the team. The design, structure, and mechanical/electrical systems are developed in more detail and we develop a preliminary cost estimate.  We work a negotiated bid with a single contractor or construction manager, or a competitive bid with at least three contractors. With our longevity on the western slope and construction experience we have a particular knowledge of local construction techniques, cost, contractors, and sub-contractors. When the preliminary costs are returned the team provides  in-depth value engineering, which we continue until occupancy.

Construction Documents/ Specifications With the first phase of the value engineering completed, the documents are modified as needed and each area is detailed to a point where design, systems, and cost factors are fully illustrated. Doug Harr P.C. ARCHITECTURE has made its reputation by the thoroughness of its Construction Documents and Specifications. Minimal service gives inadequate detailing and leaves it up to the contractor to develop them in the field. Good contractual documents lead to more competitive pricing and also minimizes the time spent by contractors to interpret them.

Bid Negotiation At this point of time, with the bits and pieces nailed down, the documents are given to the contractor/s and they return with the actual cost of the project as well as length of construction time. The team again does very thorough value engineering, and a contractor is selected.

Value Engineering  In an additional Phase, if the bid has come in over budget, the owner, architect, and selected contractor review the documents with cost in mind. Different materials, construction techniques, and size are re-evaluated. The changes are recorded in the documents and a new bid is then submitted.

Construction Observation The team continues working on time, function, aesthetics, and cost, until the project is complete to the owner’s satisfaction. Doug Harr P.C. continues to work toward enhancing the quality of the building during construction and provides the owner with assurance that it is being built according to the contractual documents. The architect guides the project from the client’s earliest feasibility studies to the “last door knob” and since we create the documents and specifications that define the work, we are in the best position to understand the project as a whole. This understanding is often very important during construction. We also provide services that take the project through the warranty period.