Broadview Residence

This 4,200 sq.ft. home was built in Grand Junction in 1981. It is a design/build project by Harr Construction. Its passive solar design incorporates a heat gain window-wall with insulated slab mass retention on both the entry level and lower level, 60% of the lower level is below grade, the north façade of the entry level is bermed, and natural below grade cooling is incorporated. The all masonry exterior is maintenance free and its ventilated large cavity space creates excellent cooling in the long hot-season. Many more sustainable and energy efficient elements were used. Look in Project Step-by-Step for more photos of this project.




Tamarak Building

This 22,700 sq.ft. project on 10th & Grand was an opportunity to restore a building to good use. Before renovation this was a retail space with 15% occupancy that we changed to much needed office space that has seen 95% occupancy since it was completed. Previously the interior was a confusing dark maze of broken up space that we transformed into a well lit organized plan. We also striped the exterior of it’s ‘70s siding and windows to it’s original simplicity with a complete new storefront window system. Because of budget constraints, our firm also acted as General Contractor.


701 Grand Building

The firms experience and general contracting license proved to be a critical factor in finishing this project. The owner took the role of developer/contractor for the building. He ran the project from California and our architectural firm did much more extensive Architectural Observation than is typically required. With just 15% of the project left to be finished, the owner found himself unable to complete the work needed to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy. We were able to step in and take over the General Contracting because of our close affiliation with the process. The local building department estimated three months of work to reach the C.O. and we accomplished it within six weeks.